Centralize your Asset Management Efforts

Whether you are a procurement manager, asset manager or facilities manager, assets form a large part of your responsibility. Having a central version of the truth is imperative to simplify your daily operations. Asset management faces common challenges, which we mitigate using the Silveraxiom platform. They include:

Challenge #1: Not knowing what you have

The first challenge seems like an obvious one but nonetheless it is one that many facilities and property managers battle with. What do you actually own… Having a central database of your assets, where they are, documents pertaining to them, etc is essential…

Functions and Features to simplify Procurement Processes


Schedule Maintenance

Certain machinery parts need to be replaced or serviced regularly to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity of a specific asset. The scheduled maintenance of these assets and parts can be set up once, and the necessary incidents will be created on these events.


Real-Time Asset Tracking

Various hardware sensors are available to determine where a specific asset is located. The solution is integrated with these sensors to make it easy to track assets either within a particular building or anywhere in the world. The range and extent of the tracking are dependent on the hardware used.


Content Repository

Have all your documents, SLAs, contracts, drawings, etc associated to every single asset within a centralised platform. Assets can be associated to suppliers, properties, rooms and internal stakeholders.


Stay Up-to-Date with Warantees

The toolset allows you to upload all asset warranties, their duration and importance. It will notify you when certain warranties are about to expire and help you avoid unnecessary repair expenses on products still under warranty.


Track Assets’ Uptime

With this feature, you can track whether a particular asset is switched on or not. It also allows for remote activation, depending on the hardware selected.


Real-Time Depreciation Valuation and Total Cost of Ownership

Depreciation can be calculated on all assets at any time, based on the formula that the organisation uses. This provides the organisation with a real-time view of the current value of its assets as well as the total spent on each asset.

Simplify Asset management today with Silver Axiom

Keep control of your facility, manage your vendors, your assets, your contracts and your internal staff with an easy to use platform with a complimentary mobile app