Facility Management Software

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Facility’s managers are often the hardest working employees in an organisation as a result of common challenges, which the Silveraxiom platform can solve. This includes:

Facility Management Challenges

Challenge #1: Vendor Management

Sourcing, vetting and managing suppliers, vendors and contractors are the top challenge faced by most facilities professionals. So how do you manage costs, quality and reliability… 


Its simple, use a central tool (Silveraxiom) that has a fully integrated vendor management module with a vendor portal to you have a real time view of the performance of your suppliers. Additionally, you can automate the request for materials and services from your vendors ensuring you are always on top of your daily operations. 

Functions and Features of a turn key Facilities Management Platform


Track Jobs in Real Time

Information associated with incident management, turnaround time and quality rendered, can be captured before or during the incident close-out.


Track Asset Usage

Track asset usage in real time through the use of integrated sensors and monitors. Additionally, warranties, Total Cost of Ownership and maintenance are all easily available.


Virtual Asset Management

All virtual assets can be registered, for example, software licences, along with the parameters of when they expire, when upgrade fees are to be paid etc.


Central Content Repository

Have access to all your documents be it drawings, technical specifications, reports, contracts, certificates, etc all available within a central repository.


Manage Inspections

Keep a holistic view of all your tickets, whether they have been acted on and the responsible stakeholders.


Reporting, Reporting, Reporting

Generate reports on the fly to communicate any and all facilities information including but not limited to: equipment uptime, project progress, budget reports, open tickets, closed tickets, active contracts, etc


Supplier Performance Management

Measuring each supplier, the amount of work given to them and their performance against clauses in the SLA/agreements are of great value, especially during contract renegotiations and payment disputes.


Compliance Renewal Notification

Provision has been made to define the mandatory compliance documentation, such as health and safety and industry-specific licenses, for each locality and it will automatically notify the property/facility manager when the documentation has to be renewed.


Automatic Escalations

Incidents are categorised in terms of type and priority. When incidents are created, either manually or automatically through a workflow process, they are assigned and have to be resolved. When not resolved within a specific timeframe they are escalated.

Simplify Facility Management Today with Silver Axiom

Keep control of your facility, manage your vendors, your assets, your contracts and your internal staff with an easy to use platform with a complimentary mobile app