Simplify procurement management by using a centralised platform

Procurement requires stringent management as it controls the process of engaging and paying your suppliers. However, their are common challenges faced that hinder procurement processes causing delays and frustrations. We have identified and solved a few of those:


Challenge #1: Managing the RFx Process

Managing the RFx processes can be a challenge. Procedures ought to be clear, fair and rigorously implemented. Having a dedicated system enables organisational procurement policies to be easily enforced using the underlying workflow engine.

Functions and Features to simplify Procurement Processes


Track Jobs in Real Time

The platform allows for managers to monitor projects in real time including supplier performance and expenditure.


Vendor/Supplier Portal

Suppliers have access to their own portal as a means of communication with the organisation. As such, procurement can request RFx’s, additional documentation and project updates through a central system.


Process Workflow

Having an underlying workflow engine allows procurement professional to ensure that compliance and company policies are followed at all times. This enforces approval procedures and escalations should policy not be followed.


Purchase Orders

Quickly and easily submit purchase orders within the platform to allow for quick operational performance.


Analytical Capability

Having access to real time accurate data with a configurable dashboard, allows for customizable reporting. At a quick glance, procurement professionals can set up trend analysis and/or spend analysis according to roles, departments, suppliers, facilities and projects.


Contract Management capabilities

An underlying smart contract management system forms part of the Silveraxiom offering. This enables customization and viewing capability for each department based on its function and contract type. As an example, Insurance users should have access to create, view and manage contracts related to insurance.

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