Understand how your properties should be taken care of

Property managers and landlords alike face similar challenges that are consistent no matter the size of the properties or number of properties that are managed. The biggest challenges are:


Challenge #1: Property Damage and Unexpected Maintenance


Unexpected damage and/or maintenance is simply an increase in unforeseen costs that have a direct impact on your bottom line and costs. Nevermind the impact that it can have on your tenants. By utilising Silveraxiom property managers will have a central view of all their properties, maintenance requirements, smoother planning and thus have a proactive approach to property management.

Functions and Features of a centralised property management platform


Incident Management

In this instance, incident management refers to the maintenance of immovable assets and can be anything from a burst pipe to a total repaint of the entire building. You can keep track of all your incidents in real time.


Supplier Management

A list of suppliers ranging from plumbers and electricians to structural consultants can be uploaded to address any of the incidents associated with a building. Their respective contracts and charge-out fees can be uploaded and monitored, and their performance can be rated for future reference.


Rates and Taxes Tracking

Rates and taxes form a large component of monthly operational expenses associated with a property. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the property taxes are in alignment with the land use zone of the property. Our qualified town planners are on standby to assist.


Property Manager Associations

Property managers help you deal with issues on the ground. The toolset helps you to identify the responsible manager and assign them to incidents related to their property. It also helps your lessees understand who they need to talk to and create a centralised platform for communication.


Lease Agreement Tracking

The toolset allows you to keep a record of all the lease agreements and lessee information and whether the property has any subletting contracts.


Property Hierarchy and Tracking

You can keep track of all the properties that you own and their various locations to effectively schedule maintenance in a cost effective manner. Additionally, you have access to all properties down to room level with associated assets and maintenance relative to each room.

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